Key action is smooth with just a little pressure required to trigger a key. The keyboard is comfortable to type on, but more cramped than one found on a full-size notebook. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 1. Products may not be available in all markets. It turns out the system operated more smoothly through day to day tasks, and even oddities such as the touchpad lag were gone.

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ASUS Eee PC 1000HA Review

The screen cover does a good job with protecting the LCD panel and with a strong squeeze the panel only shows small area of distortion. The overall color pattern is very consistent, with the asus 1000ha and touchpad matching the body color, and brushed metal trim all around the netbook.

Flex in the palmrest is almost nonexistent, but this is quite common on small notebooks since the inside s are packed tight. While good in theory, the notebook lagged when scrolling or zooming webpages in IE, asus 1000ha each time one of these features activated the notebook would freeze until asus 1000ha completed its motion. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 1. Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from images shown on this site.

It feels rugged enough to withstand the abuse of day to day use, but asus 1000ha glossy finish will show minor scratches and fingerprints. Key action is smooth with just a little pressure required to trigger a key. Gaming is out asus 1000ha the question on these small notebooks unless you heavily tweak the game, operating at the lowest resolutions and lowest settings.

1000hz selection is normal for a netbook, with the biggest constraint being available real estate along the sides. Unless otherwise stated, all asus 1000ha claims are based on theoretical performance.

Applications asus 1000ha without lag and behaved as if they were running on a full-size computer. With only 1GB of memory the system happily allowed Aero to be turned on and still ran flawlessly.

ASUS EEE PC HA Netbook Review – Legit ReviewsIntroducing the EEE PC HA

The palmrest and plastic bezel surrounding the keyboard stay cool to the touch and without the blinking LEDs you might not even asus 1000ha it was on. It asus 1000ha out the asus 1000ha operated more smoothly through day to day tasks, and even oddities such as the touchpad lag were gone. Skype video calls are also stable and lag-free connection depending, of courseand only the aeus Intel GMA graphics scupper serious multimedia performance.

The asus 1000ha real downfall these smaller screens have is limited resolution, which can often causes problems with some applications that require minimum resolutions for asus 1000ha screens. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. Another problem that got old very quick is the multitouch surface incorrectly sensing pressure from my palm and fingertip at the same time, causing multitouch features to activate.

Performance benchmarks increased as well, with PCMark05 jumping from toand 3DMark06 going from 95 to While many netbooks get the short end of the stick for some components asus 1000ha as processing power, 1000na easily make up for it in screen asus 1000ha. Heat and noise is minimal under normal conditions such as web browsing or 10000ha documents.

Asus Eee PC 1000HA Review

Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Whites are clear, colors are vibrant, and backlit levels are very bright and consistent. We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country.

Vertical viewing asus 1000ha which tend to quickly invert colors on full-size notebooks stay accurate longer on the display found on the HA. All specifications asuw subject to change asus 1000ha notice. Eee Storage asus 1000ha you to access your documents and multimedia, and awus share them with your friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Facebook Twitter Google Reddit. Please refer specification pages for full details. Like many netbooks they lack everything but weedy treble, and will soon have you reaching for your headphones. Operation lifetime subject to product model, normal usage conditions and configurations.

Battery claims for the 6-cell pack on the HA are up asus 1000ha seven hours use; as you might expect, the only way to achieve that would be to not actually use asus 1000ha netbook at all. You can get past this with scaling or screen scrolling, but it is just a downside to the limited screen size asus 1000ha general.

Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.