Harry hides his Hogwarts letter from the Dursleys and that starts a divergence that changes his introduction to the Wizarding World. Its a fairly good rich Harry fic that instead of going to work for the DMLE or becoming a Quiditch star starts a non profit charity. In Which Family Is Discussed http: I just like my stories to move forward. After this, I’ll try to make an update that should take me up to post of the Harry Potter thread. I’m not going to post the summary. While Grindelwald and Voldemort threaten Europe and the world with war, Harry Potter struggles to build an empire out of the ashes of a dying society.

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Ten facts about some of hp c 2005 hpdc HP characters. Rewriting The Tale http: It’s a really good story, and eight year old Harry is written as an eight year old.

But it felt so good. The affair attracts unwanted attention and the course of Harry’s life is changed for the… stranger? Hp c 2005 hpdc Last Dinosaur’s Roar http: SotFJan 12, I also liked how the Trio has grown from their Hogwarts days. January 16, Recommended by Sean Mulligan. Another Harem story, but it’s from Radaslab so it will at least be decent. Coward, lecher and cheat, but never hero.

Its an alternate universe fic where Voldemort is still sane because he didn’t make as many horcruxes. A young man with messy hair and green eyes finds himself in the middle of 24th Century Scotland with no memories. What hp c 2005 hpdc didn’t count on would be how hard it would be to convince her. This is a look at the past and present of those relationships through the eyes of Andromeda.

However, since I happen to have a downloaded copy of these stories in my hard drive, interested readers can PM me about it and I’ll send them a copy using e-mail. MurazorApr 7, Please note the Author’s Note above – it will contain graphic nudity and sex, and will involve femmeslash between family members – in other words, incest.

K – English – Chapters: From the same person who hp c 2005 hpdc On the Way to Greatness; I rather like it.

Murazor’s Big List of Recommended Fanfics

This fic is still early enough that it is hard to say where it will go. A hp c 2005 hpdc new fic. He’d already buried one best friend and now the other will follow. In slightly different news, the noise to content ratio really got bad in this part of the thread. Following that, I’ll get started with the third Naruto rec thread and the second thread of general recommendations.

I was trying to answer the question, what would it take for Harry and Hermione to marry hp c 2005 hpdc the end of the year.

Staying With The Dursleys http: Release in late April. Dumbledore is not faced with hp c 2005 hpdc pawn. It has the most creative use of a flatulence jinx that I’ve seen. A little exploration hp c 2005 hpdc what would happen if wizards and Muggles could not coexist as peacefully as they have so far. Discussion in ‘ The Index ‘ started by MurazorDec 23, HHr, through the evolving eyes of James Potter.

Post Hogwarts and Post the Second War.

The Wendell That Wasn’t http: July 30, Recommended by Sean Mulligan. Starts with next generation. Recently the story popped in my head, so I hp c 2005 hpdc looking for it. Luckily, he has friends who are willing to help him. To be honest when I first read it, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised by the end of it. Snape gives Hp c 2005 hpdc points for not dying.

They were young and hp c 2005 hpdc world was at their command; they thought they were invincible. Entry maintained, pending a possible repost of the story after blpublishing. The Muggles have killed eighty. Harry has an unusual reaction to Basilisk venom H, Snape – Ships: It’s the standard Harry goes to another dimension post voldemords, with the added twist he goes because he didn’t know how to take care of Voldemort’s horcrux in him, and the dimension he arrives in has a twin-who-lived, and his alter-ego seems hp c 2005 hpdc be a DE.

Murazor’s Big List of Recommended Fanfics | Page 3 | SpaceBattles Forums

A war may end, but a new one will begin No alternative copies exist. A list of things the Marauders were forbidden to do.

A short one shot about being Muggleborn and the ugly, hidden truth of the Hogwarts letter. I’m eighteen going on Vietnam veteran Next in the schedule is the third Naruto thread, but I won’t hp c 2005 hpdc started with that for a while yet. Plenty of other things happen too. The only way out is to go back to the beginning. When the world turns against him, leaving only one by his side, Harry finds out that life, love and truth are more hp c 2005 hpdc than they seem.

And does he want to when he finds out his parents are still alive there?