I have some decent theories as to why, but I need to dig through a larger data set to see if I can find any supporting evidence. MyGolf Spy 1 year ago. Maxx 1 year ago. How many new versions has TM introduced over that 10 year period, and what were the total yardage improvements claimed by the Marketing Department?? Featuring the first interchangeable hosel system, golfers could remove the driver head completely and customize between three different shaft offerings.

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TaylorMade R7 460 Draw Titanium Driver 10.5* Reax MITSUBISHI Regular-flex EC

BUT here is my argument, and possible justification, as to why the 11 year old driver still sneaks its way into my bag. Genuinely good read — superquad still delivering for me though. I got rid of my TM r7 Draw driver several years ago even though I was happy with it. Thats why im not upgrading my irons until theres significant change in technology. I do agree that it has taylormade r7 460 titanium gotten to a point that I need to look at a new driver.

Around taylormade r7 460 titanium most of the spring will get you soft fairways and almost no roll out no matter what the spin is. Had to be around Kenny B 1 year ago.

RARE TaylorMade R7 Titanium Driver * Fujikura Graphite Senior M-flex | eBay

Taylormade r7 460 titanium is a question that I would consider related to this topic and one I have yet to get a definitive answer to.

How are trade taylormadde determined? Average This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition. I get that they are both stock, but it is a point worth making.

TaylorMade R7 Draw Titanium Driver * Reax MITSUBISHI Regular-flex EC | eBay

It would be interesting to see that data. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It was right there with the latest and greatest until last year.

Wonder if they will wake up? 4660 Bourquin 1 year ago. It’s a bit like using sticks against rockets. If we upped the taylormade r7 460 titanium by 1. Our golf club condition guide is as follows: Just a small critique to be taken with a grain of salt for an otherwise enjoyable and thought-provoking taylormade r7 460 titanium. Robot can be set to swing at different speeds Right? Even rpm results in only 2 more yards loss Adam Beach 1 year ago.

Ryan morris 1 year ago. Found this thing in the lost and found. They sell now for about 40 dollars on ebay, so i taylormade r7 460 titanium have three, as I would hate to be without this wonderful driver.

Ladies TaylorMade R7 460 MWT Titanium Driver 11.5* Reax Fujikura L-flex VGC

Dunny Budgie 1 year ago. You put both 12g weights forward so of course it launched lower. Removing an inch taylormade r7 460 titanium the tip of a graphite driver taylormade r7 460 titanium will not make it slightly more stiff, it will make it considerably more stiff.

It seems to me after a couple of seasons of full-time use, something is lost. Had a fitting a couple of days ago through Titleist. The entire industry disagrees with you: Horses for courses I suppose.

Understood, but would you guys consider a test against a two or three year old driver against the current Taylormade r7 460 titanium Wanted? Introducing the R15, a driver made of greatness. I think what gets lost here is the advancement in manufacturing technology.